No Limit Texas Hold'em

04.03.2011 19:00
Olympic Voodoo Casino at Radisson Blu Hotel
Additional information
Freezeout.$3000 Special Freeroll ticket to TOP 10 + chance to win EPT package.
2070 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Edgars S. Latvia 263.00 Regular ranking
2 Aivars R. Latvia 210.00 Regular ranking
3 Kaspars K. Latvia 175.00 Regular ranking
4 Armens S. Latvia 140.00 Regular ranking
5 Askolds U Latvia 123.00 Regular ranking
6 Mareks O. Latvia 105.00 Regular ranking
7 mr burrito Latvia 88.00 Regular ranking
8 Zanna P. Latvia 70.00 Regular ranking
9 Valdis S. Latvia 53.00 Regular ranking
10 Mantas P. Lithuania 0.00 Regular ranking
Agnese O. Latvia
Alberts R. Latvia
Aldis Latvia
Aleksandrs V. Latvia
Anastasiia S. Latvia
Andrejs P. Latvia
Armands K. Latvia
Dagers Latvia
Deniss B. Latvia
Egidijus M. Lithuania
Egmonts G. Latvia
Einars E. Latvia
Eugen K. Germany
Frode Jan S. Norway
Gandzhubas Latvia
Harijs C. Latvia
Intars L. Latvia
Jakovs G. Latvia
Jevgenijs N. Latvia
Jevgenijs R. Latvia
Matiss V. Latvia
Normunds P. Latvia
Olegs B. Latvia
Oskars V. Latvia
Piret V. Estonia
Raivis P. Latvia
Raivo T. Estonia
Ričardas S. Lithuania
Romans F. Latvia
Sergejs B. Latvia
Ugis B. Latvia
Vasilijs S. Latvia
veiksmeman37 Latvia
Vitalijs Z. Latvia
wisebalance Latvia
Yaniv Peretz Latvia