OlyBet Ladies Poker

Datums un laiks
02.06.2024 13:00
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10,00 €
Olympic Voodoo Casino at Radisson Blu Hotel
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13:00 Poker training

14:00 Tournament No Limit Hold'em Buy-in €10

Late registration & Re-entry 3 levels/1h €10 (10'000 chips) + Addon €10 (10'000 chips)

1st level by 30 min rest by 15 min


*In addition to prizes for the TOP 3 poker players: 2 invitations to ESPA + Ladies Night Casino gift card worth 100 euros

*Surprise prizes from Olympic Casino/OlyBet for all tournament players

* Delicious snacks and a welcome drink for every lady, more details HERE

Sākuma čipu skaits
10 000


Vieta Vārds Valsts Balva Punkti
1 Kristiana S. Latvija
2 Linda M. Latvija
3 Alina T. Latvija
4 Jūlija M. Latvija
Agnese N. Latvija
Anna G. Latvija
Arta Š. Latvija
Egita S. Latvija
Helēna S. Latvija
Ilze V. Latvija
Inga B. Latvija
Jana S. Latvija
Julija D. Latvija
Lianna T. Latvija
Luīze M. Latvija
Natalja N. Latvija
Re-entry 1. Latvija