08.03. 20:00 Womens’ Day Special Poker Tournament

Pievienots 04. marts 2024

08.03. 20:00 Womens’ Day Special Poker Tournament

Ready to show off your poker skills and compete for the crown? In celebration of International Women's Day - join us in an evening of excitement, strategy, and fierce competition in a ladies-only No Limit Texas Hold'em poker tournament!

The Top 3 players will receive tournament cash prize + Ladies Package Gift Voucher worth 100 EUR.

Welcome drink and special surprises from Olympic Casino / OlyBet for all tournament participants.

Poker beginners are invited to attend basic poker training workshop prior to the tournament. Training workshop starts at 19:30.

20:00 - Womens’ Day Special Poker Tournament

NL Hold’em Buy-in 10 €

Late Registration and Re-entry 60 min

Re-entry 10 € (10'000 chips) & Addon 10 € (20'000 chips) First 60 min.

1-st levels 30 min, rest by 10 min.

More info: Here